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Kitchen for all (Küfa)

At our "Kitchen for All" we cook delicious vegan and vegetarian Arabic food in Gorkistraße. While enjoying, you can meet many new people.


Salam Walk

During our Salam walk, we take walks and short hikes of varying lengths in and around Leipzig. This is a wonderful way to discover new places and get into conversation with each other.


Bei unserem Sporttreff sind so ziemlich alle Sportarten und Menschen willkommen, die Lust haben, sich an der frischen Luft zu bewegen. Ein besonderes Können ist dabei natürlich nicht notwendig.

Münzfernsprecher auf gelb

Open consultation

For many people it is difficult to cope with the German bureaucracy. We understand this and are happy to offer support in dealing with administrative authorities and other such manners. If you have any questions about the immigration authorities, the job center, the citizens' office or other authorities, we are happy to provide information. Feel free to write us an email to and we will contact you shortly.
We speak Arabic, German or English.

Pronunciation workshop

In the pronunciation workshop we will focus on the difficulties of German pronunciation. This concerns consonants (p, sch, ch...) and vowels (e, o, ü...) as well as intonation (melody, accents, stresses...). The goals of the workshops are not only practical tips for "better" pronunciation, but also reflection on the connection between accent and identity. The workshop is primarily aimed at adults with Arabic as their first language.


Monthly quiz night

At the quiz evening we compete in groups of three to four people. In four rounds, 20 questions on various topics such as culture and science or general knowledge have to be answered. The focus is of course on having fun and exchanging ideas with others. The winning team gets to choose the categories for the next quiz. All questions are asked in German and Arabic.

Parenting courses for families with a history of flight in Arabic

The courses give parents the opportunity to share their experiences and find out where families in Germany can get support. Changed structures and role relations within the family as well as questions about raising children can be discussed in the parenting courses.


The program is carried out in collaboration with the INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE (IRC) .

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Stapel der Bücher


"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body"
-Joseph Addison-


In our weekly reading circle we read and discuss exciting and interesting stories together over coffee or tea. The event is primarily aimed at native speakers of Arabic who want to learn new vocabulary and phrases, improve their pronunciation and, above all, have fun. However, native speakers and anyone who would like to read German literature are also welcome!
In order for all participants to make the most of it, the groups will be separated according to language level. If you are interested, you will receive more information about the current groups and participants, the books and all other relevant details.

Intercultural meeting for men

With our men's meeting we address all men with and without migration background, regardless of mother tongue, origin and age, but especially German and Arabic speaking men and their special concerns. We are mainly people with refugee experience who have been in Germany for several years now. We look forward to an exciting exchange over a cup of tea on topics related to arriving in Germany, intercultural understanding and what keeps us busy in everyday life. We also provide information on various topics such as the search for new friends, differences between the old and new home, child rearing, health care, the school system in Germany, domestic violence, masculinity, women's rights, empowerment. Also, we offer a discussion of these topics. The men's meeting is led and organized by a social pedagogue and several experienced men with and without a migration background.

Interkultureller Männertreff


Painting contest for kids and families

Once a month, our online painting competition takes place. Children aged 5-12 can let their creativity run free. In a short introductory session on Zoom, we explain how the contest works and announce the theme (e.g. animal theme). Finally, we'll play a few games that, despite the online format, always go down well. After the event there will be painting. The results will be emailed to us the next day. In a poll, we then let the participants vote themselves which two pictures should win a prize - we determine the third winner picture. Thanks to the friendly support of local sponsors, we have always been able to reward the winners with great prizes.

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