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moveurope! Is a project that supports, facilitates and publicizes legal migration routes inside the European Union. Using existent means and opportunities, moveurope! helps and enables young refugees to move beyond European borders. Using visa processes, moveurope! supports voluntary services, educations and internships outside the member state where the person lives due to their legal status. First and foremost, moveurope! is a network connecting people and groups in the EU that share the vision of a Europe in which all young people have the same opportunities, regardless where they are from or what legal status they have.

In October, November and December there are various events, here you will always find the latest information!

European Solidarity Corps in Leipzig
The EU's European Solidarity Corps offers various funding opportunities and programs for young people. With the European Voluntary Service, young adults can spend a limited time in a non-profit project abroad and not only help others, but also expand their own skills and gain special experiences. We have made it our mission to spread the ESC in Leipzig. We support institutions (such as other non-profit associations, cultural institutions, etc.) in registering for the European Voluntary Service as a host organization. In addition, we provide active assistance in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of the voluntary service. Thanks to the ESC, young Europeans as well as young refugees can come to Leipzig and thus exercise their mobility rights within Europe. Are you interested in becoming a host organization? You can find more information here.


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Previous event:

You are a refugee and would like to go abroad during your studies? A stay abroad is a great experience and can enrich your studies. 🌈 But what are the concrete possibilities and what about residence status and visa? Jane Moros from the International Office will answer these and other questions at our event on mobility opportunities for students with a refugee background. After a presentation on the various funding opportunities and programs, there will be the opportunity to clarify any questions in an open round. There will also be language support for Arabic or English speakers.➡️ The event will take place on Oct. 19 at 7 p.m. in Lecture Hall 8 at the University of Leipzig. Feel free to share the event with interested friends. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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