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Salam e. V. Leipzig

We are a transcultural migrant organization in the east of Leipzig.

Our goal is to bring people from different cultures and backrounds together.

We want to contribute to a more diverse and interconnected society in Leipzig by organizing a variety of events!

Treffen im Rabet
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We are committed to the peaceful coexistence of people of different cultures, genders, attitudes, different origins, nationalities and religions. We want to contribute to the reduction of racism and prejudice against other cultures and promote social tolerance towards all cultures. We want to offer help and support to politically, ethnically or religiously persecuted people as well as to refugees and victims of war. In doing so, we are particularly interested in meeting and operating with people at eye level.


Our offers are just as diverse as our association! Currently, we are offering various workshops and advice services, but quiz evenings and painting competitions are also part of our projects . When the covid-restrictions were stronger, most of the events took place online. We are happy that now, more cultural, language, educational and sports events are possible to take place in presence mode. In the long term, we want to create an open space for exchange in Leipzig East by building a community centre.


We are a growing group of people from different cultures, some with and some without migration experience. We study and work in very different fields, but we are united by a common vision of a society in which all people, regardless of their origin and culture, live together as equals. In our events we have a linguistic focus on German and Arabic, but some of our members also speak other languages. It is important to us that people of different first languages and backgrounds can get involved in Salam, so we try to reduce linguistic barriers in all directions. Here we introduce ourselves.


Our events are also addressed to people with and without migration experience of all ages. With individual events we want to reach certain sub-target groups, e.g. the painting competition is an offer for children and families and the pronunciation workshop is primarily aimed at adults with Arabic as their first language.

It is important to us to create a space in which everyone feels safe and comfortable.

Tolerance and respect are part of our mission statement.


Vielen Dank!


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Awarded with the
starter price of the
Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes 2021

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Funded by the MONOM Stiftung für Veränderung


Nomination for the

Deutscher Engagementpreis 2022

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